lottery playslip ANNOUNCING: Now you can play the lottery online from anywhere in the world, and instantly get EIGHT times the chance of winning.

18 Year Old Secret Helps You To Win The Florida Lottery


The fact is our friendly club gives you a better chance of winning than most ordinary lottery players, and we can save you money too...

The lottery is a tough game to win when you play on your own. And the only way to improve your chances is to buy more tickets, but that can get expensive pretty quickly. That's why we started our Exclusive Members-Only Florida Lottery clubs. And now we are personally inviting you to join us.

How Does It Work?

It's actually no big secret. We simply join together to play the lottery as a syndicate group, and then share the winnings. The best ideas are often the simplest, wouldn't you agree?

Which Lottery Do We Play?

We firstly play the main Florida Lotto. Why? Simply because that's where the company is based - in the city of Fort Walton Beach on Florida's beautiful Emerald Coast.

But don't worry, you can join us no matter where you live. We have members all over the USA, and in various countries around the world too. Oh, and the jackpots? Normally no less than $3 million, but frequently $9 million and even bigger. Definitely big enough to share.

LATEST: Due to great demand we have now added options for Powerball, Mega Millions and Mega Money. So now you can get a better chance of winning those jumbo jackpot games too.

What Do I Get?

You see our club is all about you, the Member. So here's what you get when you join today:-

lotto magic benefits

Members Only Benefit
Florida Lottery Syndicate

Eight Times The Chance Of Winning The Jackpot

syndicate group

Everything is done for you by our dedicated team. When you join us today we will place you in one of our syndicate groups of eight people. We take care of everything from buying all the tickets to carefully checking them, collecting all the winnings and sending out winners checks to you. Works like magic.

  • Enter both Lotto draws every week
  • Options to play Powerball, Mega Millions and Mega Money
  • 8 times the chance of winning in every draw
  • Play 72-288 tickets every month
  • Never forget to enter your numbers
  • Never lose a ticket
  • Never miss collecting a prize

Worth: $72+ per month

even more benefits

Members Only Benefit
Discount Shopping Membership

Save Money On Pretty Much Everything!

You get free membership to this exclusive online discount club.

With savings on everything from electronics and jewellery to kids toys and car rental, you're sure to regularly save money here.

Here's some typical savings:-

  • Save up to 41% on AMC Movie Tickets
  • Save $20-$30+ on Sports tickets
  • Blockbuster rentals at $3.20 (normally up to $5.24!)
  • Save 10% at Circuit City
  • $25 off $125+ at Kmart
  • Special voucher codes for 10%-15% off
  • Free shipping coupons

Worth: $500+ per year

So What Does It Cost?

You'll be very pleasantly surprised at how little membership costs. Especially when you consider the value you get:-

We reckon the typical member will get around $1,500 worth of savings and benefits, that's $125 worth a month. So even if membership was $50 per month it would be great value.

But when you join today, membership is only $30 per month!

Yes, that's all, less than a dollar a day! And as you only pay monthly, you can stop any time you choose.


Join Now

YES, I want a better chance of winning the Florida lottery. I understand I get all these benefits when I join WealthPerx as a Member:

  • Enter both Florida Lotto draws every week
  • 8 times the chance of winning in every draw
  • Up to 72 tickets per month
  • Option to also play Powerball, Mega Millions and Mega Money
  • Free Discount Shopping Membership (for discounts and specials on everything from movies to fashion)

$125 per month
Only $30 per month

Wealthperx screen

Join Now

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P.S. You really have nothing to lose, even if you never use the discount shopping club, you still get 8 times the chance to win the lottery - twice a week! Please do join us today

Here's What Our Members Think...

We have been playing with Florida Lotto Magic since the very beginning back in January 1996. Their reports and checks are always on time and all our winnings have been accurate. If this wasn't a club to be trusted, we would't have been members so long!
David and Susan R, NV

I joined in January 1996. I don't have time to analyze numbers, histories, combinations, hot numbers, and other things that seem to go with lotteries. That is why I joined. They do it for me.
Debbie G, FL

We joined in November 2001. The guys at Lotto Magic dependably get your checks out on time, and that's real important to a retiree. We love Lotto Magic!
Gene and Elaine C, MO