Questions About The Florida Powerball

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How Much Is It To Play Powerball In Florida?

The price is $2 per play, which is the same price as charged in all other States where the game is available.

How Many Numbers Are In The Draw?

To play you have to pick 5 numbers from a panel of 1 to 59 numbers. Then pick one more number - the Powerball - from a panel of 1 to 35 numbers.

How To Win The Florida Powerball Lottery?

To win the jackpot you must match all 5 of your main numbers, AND the Powerball number too. So a Match 5+1 prize is the big jackpot.

When Is The Florida Powerball Drawing?

The draw is every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59pm EST (or 9:59pm Central time for you Western Floridians).

What Is Powerplay In The Florida Lottery?

'Power Play' is an extra option - that is, you have to buy a Powerball ticket to be able to add Power Play.

But it's not an extra draw like some add-on games, so it does NOT give you more chances to win. It simply boosts the prize you win (by between 2 and 4 times) if you win a Powerball prize. So for example, if you Match 5 balls you normally win $1 Million - but if you added the Powerplay option you would win $2 Million instead. It does not however boost the jackpot.

How Much Is A Powerball Ticket With Power Play

It costs an extra $1 per play on top of the cost of your regular ticket. It will apply to all entries on that ticket.

How Long Are Florida Powerball Tickets Good For?

In Florida you have to claim your prize within 180 days of the draw. This is not the same in every State as many give you up to 1 year. But still, it's almost 6 months so should be more enough to find the ticket down the back of couch. Don't leave it to the last minute to claim when you win :-).

What Are The Odds Of Winning The Powerball Jackpot Tonight?

Pretty darn tough :-). Or more specifically, your odds are 1 in 175,223,510 (yup, that's over 175 million). If you want to improve that, see below.

Can You Play Florida Lottery Powerball Online?

You can't buy tickets on the official Florida Lottery website. There are services that sell tickets online, but they tend to be extremely expensive, and are best avoided (there is a better way, see below).

How Can I Get a Better Chance Of Winning?

The most effective way is to buy more tickets (no system can pick 'better numbers' despite what some people claim... the ones selling the systems usually!). But obviously buying more tickets costs more money, and that quickly gets expensive. A better way is to play in one of the Florida lottery clubs - that way you share the cost, but get a much better chance of winning. And sharing a jackpot is no hardship when they are normally well over $100 Million+!

Are Powerball Prizes Fixed Or Shared?

The jackpot prize is shared between all winners who match 5+1 that draw. Because the game is so hard to win, there is normally only 1 winner or very few winners. The other prizes are all fixed amounts, so everybody who matches 5 numbers gets the full $1 Million (or $2 Million if they chose Power Play).

Florida Lottery Clubs