Join An Online Powerball Lottery Pool & Boost Your Chances Of Winning

Powerball Lottery Pools

To get a decent chance of winning the Powerball you need to be buying a lot of tickets. And that gets expensive fast. So why not join an online pool?

You get a much better chance of winning without the extra cost.

So What Is a Powerball Pool?

Simply put, it's a lottery pool that plays the US Powerball. Just like your typical office lottery pool, but there are some you can join online too.

The whole idea of a pool is to spread the cost of buying tickets, and therefore reduce the risk. Nobody really wants to buy hundreds of tickets every week just for themselves, and then nervously watch their gas money disappear when lady luck doesn't play things your way.

But with a pool you can buy lots of tickets, but only have every member pay in what they are normally used to playing - be that $10 a week, $20 or whatever.

Do Lottery Pools Really Work?

Heck yeah! Of course they work.

A large number of those big prizes go to groups of players buying and sharing tickets. It makes perfect sense for games like Powerball where the odds of winning are so tough, but the jackpots are huge. Even after sharing out the big prize, they are normally big enough that everyone still gets to be a millionaire!

And they work because they do the one simple thing that genuinely gives you a better chance of winning. They buy more combinations.

Because buying more combinations is the only true way to improve your chances. Because none of those crazy 'systems' make the slightest difference - just ask the lottery company, who will tell you they don't work because the lottery is designed to be random.

And they are really good at making sure it is!

Think of it this way. If you rolled a couple of dice and tried to guess the result, would you rather have 1 guess or 10 guesses? It's easy to see that if you have 10 guesses that you are 10 times more likely to be right.

But lots of people don't understand that this same simple maths DOES apply to lottery games like Powerball too. If you buy 10 different entries, then you have covered 10 of the possible results that can come out.

That does genuinely make you 10 times more likely to win.

So How Do I Find a Powerball Pool to Join?

Well, you can ask around at work first. That's always a good place to start. Or you can try to start one up yourself - although it can be very hard work let me tell you!

Alternatively you can find one online. There are a few options.

We'd also love you to join our 18 year old group. Click here to join our Powerball Lottery Clubs

Just don't be confused or tempted by those sites that sell tickets online, as they can be a very expensive way to play -- and don't give you any increase in your chances of winning.

Good luck in being the next big winner :-)

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