Questions About Florida Mega Millions?

Get answers to all your questions here. If anything is not covered, just ask and we'll get back to you.

Does Florida Have Mega Millions?

Yes! At least, it does now. For a long time Florida resisted introducing it. But finally, it's here.

When Did It Start In Florida?

May 17 2013 was the first ever draw. Exactly 11 years since the game's first ever draw! That's a long time to wait, but it was worth it in the end.

Why Does Florida Not Have Mega Millions?

We do now! Despite the game launching back in May 2002 (with that first draw on May 17), it has however finally arrived :-)

How Much Is The Jackpot?

The jackpot always starts at $12 Million. Which isn't a bad little sum. But with rollovers, it regularly reaches well over $100 Million, and even $200 Million quite often.

What's The Biggest Jackpot Ever Won?

If you thought $200 Million was a big jackpot, then take a deep breath... The largest ever jackpot won was March 30, 2012 where it reached a staggering $656 Million. It was shared by just 3 winning tickets.

How Can I Play It In Florida?

Until now you had to enlist the help of a friend in another State, or go cross border yourself. Or buy tickets online somewhere (not recommended due to the high cost).

But now you can play in your local store just like every other US lottery player. Or if you want to play in a pool, then join us in our online lottery clubs, we're Florida based and have been going for over 18 years now!

Can You Play Online?

Yes and no. You still can't buy Mega Millions tickets online from most official State lottery sites, although that is slowly changing at last.

But there are sites where you can buy tickets. We don't really recommend them though as the cost is very high. Online lottery pools tend to offer much better value for money.

How Much Is It To Play?

It costs $1 per play. Which is the main difference between this game and Powerball which costs $2 per play.

How Many Numbers Do I Need To Pick From?

There are 56 main (white colored) balls numbered 1 through 56 - from which you have to pick 5 numbers. Then there is also a 2nd set of gold colored balls which are numbered 1 through 46. You also have to pick 1 number from these, which is the Mega Ball.

How Many Numbers To Win Mega Millions?

To actually claim the jackpot, you have to match all of the 5 main white balls AND the gold Mega Ball too.

How Many Different Combinations Are There?

There are 175,711,535 different combinations in Mega Millions. Which is now exactly the same as the Powerball game too.

When Are The Numbers Drawn For The Mega Millions?

The big draw is every Tuesday and Friday at 11 pm Eastern time. Don't miss it :-)

What Does The Mega Millions Megaplier Do?

In short it's a way to boost your winnings (if you win). For an extra $1 per entry, any non-jackpot prize will be multiplied 2, 3, or 4 times bigger. This is determined by the randomly generated 'Megaplier'.

Interestingly they 'weight' this so as to be more likely to be bigger, i.e. there's a 57% chance of it being 4 times, and a 33% chance of it being 3 times.

How To Better Your Chances Of Winning?

Short of actually owning a time machine and being able to travel into the future and write down the winning numbers, there isn't really anything you can do to pick better numbers. Lots of people claim differently, but there is no proof that any number picking system really works any better than a quick pick.

What you can do is buy more entries. This is a guaranteed way to get a better chance. Every combination you buy boosts your chances of being the big winner. Buy 100 and you're 100 times more likely to hit the jackpot.

But if you don't want to risk paying for all of those tickets yourself, the alternative is to start or join a lottery pool, like our lottery clubs. You have to share the winnings as well as the cost of course, but with mega jackpots as big as $600 Million, that probably won't worry you :-)

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